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about us

Great Banyan Art is an online gallery based in New Delhi, India. Since 2004, when Great Banyan Art was founded, the online gallery has continuously consigned works to leading auction houses in India and overseas, and focused on private sales.

Great Banyan brings together a range of artists, genres and time periods across the globe on one platform. The gallery takes great pride in its collection, which includes a range of works by leading Indian masters, modernists and contemporary artists. Featured Indian artists include F.N Souza, S.H Raza, Tyeb Mehta, M.F Husain, Ram Kumar, Krishen Khanna, Jamini Roy, Ganesh Pyne, Akbar Padamsee, Atul Dodiya, Anju Dodiya, as well as several International contemporary artists.

Recently, the online gallery has decided to exhibit their works through curated offline shows. Since 'Tales of Art' and 'Around the World in 7 Days' - Great Banyan's shows of international contemporary artists - the gallery is focused on bridging the gap between international contemporary art and Indian collectors.

'Great Banyan Art' is named after the Banyan tree, which is regarded as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge.The Banyan Tree is known to have deep and widespread roots, signifying strength. 'The Great Banyan tree' is recognised to be the largest amongst the Banyan trees - it is over 250 years old and has survived and withheld the ravages of time and inclement weather. Metaphorically speaking, this represents our brand's mission: long term commitment and vision.