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Guo weixin

Born in 1961 in Qiaihaer, Hei Longjiang Province, China, Guo Weixin graduated from the art education department of Qiqihaer Normal University in 1986 with a bachelor’s degree of arts and graduated in 1996 from the oil painting department of Sichuan Fine Art Institute to be a teacher there. In 2000, he took up the job as an associate professor at the oil painting department of Sichuan College of Music. The album of Masterpiece-Oil Landscape of Guo Weixin was published in 1999 by Sichuan Art Publisher. One of his oil paintings named Early Spring was exhibited at Culture 2000 Finland International Culture and Art Festival. Another named Winter of Yuxi was chosen to show at small oil paintings Exhibition held by china Oil Painting Association. His work Forest Frozen by Wind and Snow was included into a collection of SCFAI Teachers. He went to France in 2002 for the China-France Contemporary Art Exhibition and participated in relevant academic discussions. Ceaseless, Life, a representative of his works is cherished in the collections of Taiwan Mountain Art Foundation and Mountain Art Museum. This work has been acquired at China Guardian’s, Chinese Oil Painting and Sculptures Auction.

Artwork for Sale

by Guo weixin


72 X 70 inches