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Sanat Chatterjee

Artist and sculptor Sanat Chatterjee is known for his exceptional detailing abilities in his work compositions. He is one of the last living pioneers’ of the Bengal School of Art.

Born in 1935 in Lucknow, Chatterjee showed great talent in the field of painting and sculpture at the surprisingly early age of seven. He was encouraged, as a child, by is parents, father Nirmal Krishnan who was in the railways, and mother Durga Devi.

As a child, he travelled across the length and breadth of India. They finally settled in Lucknow, where he completed his education in Oriental Arts.

Disciple of painter and pioneer of the Bengal School of Art, Asit Kumar Haldar, Chatterjee is an exponent of the traditional Indian style of paintings. He was only in class IX when he met Haldar. Under him, for 14 long years, he studied the various aspects of the Bengal School of painting.

He has a diploma in Fine Arts from the Government College of Arts and Crafts in, Lucknow, 1960. He also studied art under Kshitinder Nath Majumdar of Allahabad .In his four-decade long career, Chatterjee also evolved his own technique of painting on silk with water color.

He has held 78 art exhibitions in various parts of the country and his paintings adorn many a Governor Houses in different states and other places of public importance. Two of his famous sculptures are installed at Himachal Bhavan in New Delhi and Himachal Pradesh Secretariat in Shimla. 

He specialises in long paintings and holds the distinction of making some of the world's longest paintings. He has been entered in the Guinness Book of records for the longest painting. The painting is long scroll depicting the evolution of India's Cultural History with an interpretative synchronisation of the symbols of the Zodiac.

Sanat Kumar Chatterjee lives and works in Shimla 

Artwork for Sale

by Sanat Chatterjee


15 X 11 inches