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Rini Dhumal

Rini Dhumal was born in 1948 in Rongpur in Bangladesh an year after India obtained Independence from British rule. In 1972, she acquired her Masters in Fine Arts (Painting) degree from M.S. University, Baroda.

She is both, a printmaker and a painter. The printmaking had been the beginning of her artistic career and today, it fuels her painting. Her personal belief is that the knowledge of printmaking has influenced her painting and given her her signature style. From an art history point of view, prints have long been a highly popular medium of expression. She understands clearly that in spite of this, prints have received step-motherly treatment vis-a-vis painting or sculpture in India. Consequently, she has struggled to bring prints into the mainstream of the art world in India and has been one of the most prominent persons involved in getting prints their rightful due.

She has held a number of solo and group exhibitions in India and overseas. Some of these are 1993 - Galerie Brita Printz, Madrid-Spain ; 1992 - Sakshi Gallery, Madras, Banglore ; 1992 - Gallery 7, Mumbai ; 1991 - Sakshi Gallery, Madras ; 1991 - Print Exhibition, Madrid-Spain ; 1990 - Galerie Art & Data, Frankfurt-Germany.

Rini has been felicitated on innumerable occasions on account of her illustrious artistic career. Some of the awards/ recognitions that she has received are: 1994-96 -Senoir Fellowship, Ministry of Human Resource-N. Delhi ; 1988 - M. S. Randhawa Award,Aifacs-N. Delhi ; 1988 - National Award - L.K.A. ; 1985 - Aifacs Award N.Delhi ; 1983 -85-Research Fellowship,Ministry of Human Resource- N.Delhi ; 1977 - Group 8 Award ; 1975-76 - French Govt. Scholarship ( Worked under Sir S.W. Hayter At 'Atelier 17', Paris & Krishna Reddy) ; 1973–75 - Govt. of India Cultural Scholarship. (Worked under Prof. K.G.Subramanyan); 1974 - Governors Gold Medal, Calcutta. ; 1972 - Chancellor's Gold Medal.

In recent times, she has returned to prints with a new vigor, with a heightened awareness of size and colour. They exhibit the same concern for human relationships and dialogues as her paintings do. She has also dabbled in serigraphs and glass paintings.

Presently Rini Dhumal is the Professor and Head of Painting Department, Faculty of Fine Arts at the Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda.

Artwork for Sale

The Feudal Past
by Rini Dhumal


68 X 72 inches