Odtülüler Dershanesi

Valérie Andriantsi

Valérie Andriantsiferana is a french artist who’s paintings marry aesthetics, meaning and emotion.

This painting depicts a human beings reaction to sensitive to incidents, behaviors, and information that potentially threaten to hurt us. In the frame, Valerie paints a cactus, which actually represents the aggressiveness of the world and a woman who protects herself from this violence by hiding her eyes, under the illusion that she is mentally physically safe.

Varlie paints about with the gap that exists between what we think and what we say; what we feel and what we show. Her works depict the dilemma human beings face of being torn between their true inner self and external appearance.

2016 :
MACPARIS Contemporary Art Fair, Paris, France
2015 :
MACPARIS Contemporary Art Fair, Paris, France
SIAC, Salon International d'Art Contemporain. Marseille (France).
Château de Perdiguier (France).
2014 : Espace des arts La Licorne, Saint-Germain Lembron, exposition personnelle.
Galerie Rouge Garance, Mugron.
Smac, Toulon
Galerie Art Up Déco, Paris/Lyon.
Galerie Belartvita, Paris.
Salon Artempo, Cugnaux, prix du public jeune.
2013 : Galerie Art Up Déco, Paris/Lyon (France).
Galerie Belartvita, Paris (France).
Salon Trans'Arts, Cogolin, Golfe de Saint-Tropez (France).
Artoulouse, Toulouse (France).
2012 : Galerie Tokade, Toulouse (France).
Galerie Art Up Déco, Paris/Lyon (France).
Salon Artempo à Cugnaux (France).
2011 : Galerie Tokade, Toulouse (France).

Artwork for Sale

The girl who didn't want to see the world
by Valérie Andriantsi


51 X 31 inches