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Laura Stöckl

German Artist and Fashion Designer Laura Stöckl draws her inspiration from colours and cultures of the multiple metropolis she’s lived at. Currently, she designs for the women’s leather goods team at Louis Vuitton. Laura’s approach to Fashion and Art, which in her universe merge seamlessly into one another, is based on a passion for colour and material experimentation to express emotions and subculture. Her artistic influence is drawn from modern and contemporary movements with a particular focus on Western Art from the 60s and 70s. In her work she draws upon emotions and events of her life, telling them in a colourful narrative and experimenting with techniques.

This painting is about a relationship against all odds. There are a million reasons why they should not work, however when they are together, a magnetic love and attraction holds them together. The cutout scraps from newspapers and magazines surround the hand painted couple like rumours, doubts and scandal. The painting is about a painful but thrilling and passionate love story. It is about the exciting moment when it all started and they both knew it might end badly but did not care. The artist purposely researched and cut out newspaper headlines and articles about scandal to reflect - in a heightened way - what the couples friends and family were thinking about as well as what was going on in their heads.

Artwork for Sale

Love Will Tear Us Apart
by Laura Stöckl


31 X 23 inches