Odtülüler Dershanesi

Jinho Kee

Up, up and away are the words that first come to mind when looking at artworks by South Korean artist Jinho Kee. The artist who is known to paint balloons believes in the Latin expression ‘carpe diem’ and ‘memento mori’. Carpe diem translates "seize the day" where as Memento mori means "remember that you have to die" - reminding you of the transience nature of carpe diem.

Although all balloons are eventually disposed, they are known to elevate the spirit of the crowd. Jonho Kee views balloons as an accurate metaphor for life – the viscious cycle of tension and relaxation. He believes in enjoying the present as though you’re at a carnival, where you’re not conscious of time and feel as if you’re in timeless eternity. Fully inflated balloons unveil the balance between pursuit of desire and restraint; colorful balloons represent various lives, and the repetitive balloon patterns stand for lives all of a sort.

‘Balloons’ seems to be a photograph at first glance. However, upon a closer look, this oil on canvas hyperrealism/realism painting, which skillfully captures the reflection of light on the surface of the balloons through the subtlety of the brushstroke. The artist hopes the vibrancy of colour’s brings a smile to its viewers and inspires them to start a new adventure today!

Jin-Ho Kee has held 16 solo exhibitions and attained several Public Contests. He has also participated in over 200 planned exhibitions. He is currently a member of the Korean Fine Arts Association.

2006. Hongik University Graduate School of Education, Art Education Graduate.

Jin-Ho, Kee has held 16 times’ solo exhibitions and got several Public Contests. Around 200 times he participated in various Planned Exhibitions. Now he is a member of Korean Fine Arts Association.

Solo exhibition
The artist has had 16 solo exhibitions held: Invited VIT Gallery, MAYJUNE Gallery, SEOUL ART CENTER etc. Seoul, 1989-2016

Republic of Korea Art Grand Prize, 7 times, National

Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art, ‘93, ‘94, ‘96, ‘97, ‘98, ‘00, ‘01

Group Exhibitions
The Exhibition of Today's Korean Art , Seoul Art Center, Seoul, 94,95,96
The Exhibition of MI-WOO Group, Seoul, 91 - 2012
The Exhibition of KIFA(Korea International Fine Arts Association), Seoul Gallery etc., Seoul, 1996-

Artwork for Sale

by Jinho Kee


28 X 24 inches