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Marcela Montemayor

Marcela Montemayor from Mexico is an artist that is inspired by hyperrealism. She paints to awaken her viewers senses, especially taste. The work that Marcela creates spreads a basic joy with a vibrancy of colour and a pop art impact.

She paints objects, which have the abilitiy to generate emotions of joy and take you back to your childhood.

Marcela paints food and the pleasure experienced in eating these items. Metaphorically speaking, her paintings depict extending pleasure and suppressing pain & discomfort that affects us.

Her paintings intend to endure the feeling of desire through sight. Although her paintings cannot envoke taste, she hopes the viewing pleasure viewers endure give the same feeling of desire.

Similarly, the taste is usually associated with appetite, the urge that drives us to eat, but can also refer to provisions and personal preferences.

Group Exhibitions

· ‘’Salon de Noviembre’’, Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Diseño Arte A.C., 2013. Monterrey, México.
· FoodArt awards, Ducal Castle, 2012. Céglie Messapica, Italy.
· 'Peep Show' Estación palabra Gallery, 2012. Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas.
· 'Peep Show’ Museo el Centenario, 2011. Monterrey, N.L.
· This is not a home' Leopoldo Carpinteyro Gallery ' Mexican American Institute of Cultural Relations. 2011. Monterrey, N.L.
· 'Untitled' Plaza Fátima Cultural Center, 2011. Monterrey, N.L
· Exhibition of Visual Arts University, 2009
· 'Retreto' Plaza Fátima Cultural Center, 2008. Monterrey, N.L. Solo Exhibitions
· 'Risk factor' Bistro Gallery, 2010. Monterrey, N.L.

Artwork for Sale

Pop soda
by Marcela Montemayor


35 X 43 inches