Odtülüler Dershanesi

Budi Ubrux

Many viewers will initially confuse the intricate detail and texture of Budi Ubrux’s paintwork for mixed media. However, this is an oil on canvas work is by one of the most progressive and radical artists to emerge from Indonesia. Most of Budi Ubrux’s artworks are almost immediately recognizable as he almost always paints haunting faceless figures draped in newsprint print. The newsprint wraps itself around human life, effacing, suffocating and blinding the figures within. The beings ‘wrapped in newspaper’ are a metaphor for untruthful news coverage and the real issues, which are dissolved and hidden. His paintings are a powerful satirical observations of the heavily politicized agenda of contemporary society. His works depict themes of political oppression, the ironic role of the media, and above all, a strong sense of disappointment in individuals and society.

His works are social commentaries of how our reality is shaped by what we read in the media, in particular newspapers.

Artwork for Sale

Siapa Lawan Siapa Kawan
by Budi Ubrux


55 X 47 inches