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Sajal Roy

Born in Calcutta, Sajay Roy graduated in Fine Arts from the Indian College of Arts & Draftsmanship, Calcutta.

Sajal Roy's paintings, graphics and drawings evoke the oppressive resonances of the seemingly insignificant details of day-to-day life in an Indian metropolis, as they filter through the prism of his emotionally charged imagination. His works are essentially statements against the dehumanization of the vulnerable and weak by a demonic, increasingly materialistic civilization, which engenders compulsions that violate basic human dignity. Material progress, he seems to say, is reactionary if it devalues the individual.

The dilemmas of ordinary people– as they tackle their day to day life-situations in an increasingly complex social milieu, assumes extraordinary emotional relevance in Roy’s art. And the power of the artist’s visual language is an extension of this social commitment. The human drama infused into every composition is rhythmically enforced through use of strong vibrant lines, sometimes rough, sometimes fluid, but always intense; and in the powerful distortions, disproportions and stylization of his chunky human and animal forms. His use of color too – stark, muted, somber or vivid – eloquently evokes the mood of the composition.

Artwork for Sale

by Sajal Roy


22 X 18 inches