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Pascale Taurua

Pascale is a French artist who is inspired by women’s faces, beauty and sensuality. Her art is influenced by her own story. She was ‘Miss France’ at the age of 18. However a few years after her entrance into the world of beauty and success, she met with a traumatic car accident that left her face partially disfigured. Till date, the artist bears traces of the trauma and asymmetry of the face. Since the accident, art has become her outlet for the heavy physical and psychological trauma she faced. In her work she seeks women who reflect perfection of symmetry in order to use it as a mask to work on herself. To master this, she chooses close ups on large canvas with a smooth and realistic paint. Her works have been exhibited in France, Australia and French Polynesia.

Artwork for Sale

The French Shoes
by Pascale Taurua


47 X 39 inches